The use of candles requires care and awareness of potential risks. Lumière et Grâce wants you to enjoy every melting moment of your scented good, which is why you need to always follow the safety instructions.

Please understand that we have tested all our glass and figure candles, however as they are all individually handmade, they may burn slightly different when lit.

First burn

Always trim the wick at least ¼ prior to burning your candle. The first burn is important, please let your candle burn for an hour or until your candle has created a sufficient melt pool. Do not burn it no more than 2 hours and always trim wicks before each burn.

Light your candle away from drafts or fans as they can cause uneven burn and sooting.

While burning

Never leave your candle unattended when lit. Please be sure to extinguish the candle if you are going to be leaving the room or house. If you decide to burn your figure candles, we recommend placing a dish or plate underneath to prevent wax from meeting your surfaces.

Do not burn your candle near anything flammable such as furniture, clothing, windows, books etc. Please burn it safe!

Always keep your candle away from children and pets.

Wick Trim

Always trim your wick before lighting your candle again. Untrimmed wicks lead to smocking, soot, and popping. Make sure it is cooled when you burn it again.

Getting the best result out of your Lumière et Grâce candle.

  • Always trim wick if candle is being relit.
  • Avoid burning near an open window or fan
  • NEVER use of the glass jar is broken or cracked.
  • You must always light both your wicks if your candle has more than one.
  • If the glass jar becomes blackened when burning, blow out the candle, allow it to cool and then clean the sides with a dry paper towel.
  • Please keep in mind that the candle burn times will be affected based on the fragrance, colour, and environmental conditions.


Should you have any concerns or questions please feel free to contact us via our email