Lumière et Grâce which translates to "Light and Grace" in French, is an online soy candle business owned by a Shepparton-based Congolese girl Gracia Musafiri. Gracia came to Australia with her family in 2006 and has lived in Shepparton since. She has always been interested in fashion and being creative.

“I started Lumière et Grâce at the end of 2020. I would always watch videos of people being creative and making something of their own. I wanted to do that. I love candles, so during 2020, I decided to make some candles for myself and I was amazed at how much I really enjoyed it and how therapeutic it was”.

Our natural soy wax offers a longer burn time and a cleaner finish to your candle. To create your very own scented goodness, we have a variety of aromatic fragrances and glass jars to choose from.

At Lumière et Grâce we know that every product counts, and that's why every single one of our candles are handmade to detail. We strive to make the entire shopping experience as exciting and enjoyable as possible. We believe in creativity and therefore, aim to continually provide unique and innovative products and ways to enjoy your melting moments. 

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